mercredi 13 novembre 2013

what about us?

How deep can we be confident in...
-life? Hum... the only thing certain is that it will end some day.
-others? Hum... that is definitely an own-choiced thing when you see how different people can be.

And how do trust works?
-by repetition?
-by simple naivety?
-by proofs maybe?

But... what's a proof?!
When you know by fact that sometimes even facts are manipulated, what makes you move forward?

I'm not cartesian but I see how the world is tied up..
I'm not spiritual but I can believe in miracles.

I trust chance and holistic.
As chaos is a part of life, chance has the same place beyond a doubt.

Moving on in our lives without hurting people for no reason; following our values no mather what but by keeping the almighty thought in mind that we're nothing without a ground under our feet, without air to breath or someone to share with, is the answer that showing us how big part we are in the tiny Universe we live on.

We borned aren't we? If we can know how, we don't know why... so let's be confident in this real first fact and let's embroider life such as Penelope did.

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