jeudi 13 février 2014

too sensitive

Love should be in the glory of light's achievement
In its rise between buildings,
Its smell over the contryside
In friends you have, in life you give,
Always the same, always serene... and bla and bla and bla!!!

Of course hearts beat as loud as for hapiness and desolation

Often too shy to ask
Too afraid of being wipe out of one's life
Who on hearth wants to take its toothbrush back of the beloved pot?

When comes the right time to be brave? And anyway, will it be recognizable?!
Which of the two: having a desperate lack of confidence or being haunted?

Is voodoo the response?
Well... I'm not certain I could tear an alived chicken apart... but if it's an already coocked one... well... it'd be a waist... but... in another hand...

(By double-reading this, I'm wondering if it's whith such crap that people locked themselves up into a sect at the end...)

But still... what is it?
Lack of light? Too much hope or blindness? Not enough balls???
What I know is that some feet won't ever find their well-fitting shoes.
And before don't want to be barefoot, we first of all do want to wear the chosen shoes don't we?!!

Wondering wondering wondering... I'd prefer Wonder-Woman hein !!
Too sensitive
Expecting too much, ALWAYS...

Is there another path than words to say:

"Do you love me?"

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