jeudi 30 mai 2013

sky's limit

Always thought I had something special
Always believed in my shining star high
Even after a fail, even after a tell

That's in the end, my only way to get up
That's in my brain, the only step not to fall

Cause sometimes like now I'd like to go, I'd like to wide close my eyes
Yes, sometimes like now I need a rest, I need to turn off my mind.

Always thought I had a golden goal
Always thought my mistakes would rise me out of the lies
And above all, always-always the sun of hope to escape the darkness of life

Could not think about being there for nothing
Could not accept to only be a part of something big

But sometimes like now tears are too strong, thoughts are drowning me
Yes, sometimes like now doubts tare apart love and beating heart

Always thinking about how lucky I am
Always looking for the good out of the bad
And when it's wrong, deeply think in God-Time to heal me
But right-now there is this sting...

I don't want to be a philosopher anymore
Always putting things into perspective is turning me into a monster
I want to scream, and shout out loud, and yell!

My flesh is burning... How can I peel it away ?!!!


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